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Remember Nothing

Satellite Uplink to TV stations performed 6th October 1996 on T401/04* at 8:44am EDT of the syndication master prepared on 30th September 1996.

Total Running Time (edited): 43 minutes 17 seconds

* - The satellite T401 unexpectedly failed in January 1997 and thus in no longer the home of these feeds.

Guest Stars Production Credits
Lyceus Aaron Devitt Mathias Robert Harte Teleplay Chris Manheim
Co-Stars Story Chris Manheim
Mezentius Stephen Tozer Minicles Mariao Hohaia &
Krylus Mark Ferguson Storekeeper Geoff Barlow Steven L. Sears
Caputius Slade Leef Gate Guard Andrew McMillan Director Anson Williams
Slave Boss Chris Graham Guard #2 David Glary
Clotho Rebecca Kopacka Head Guard Allan Wilkins
Lachesis Micaela Daniel Boy Daniel Chilton
Atropos Elizabeth Pendergrast

Scene Start Duration Action
Action Pack Logo -:--:-- 0:00:10
This Episode trailer -:--:-- 0:00:30 The :30/:15/:10 second versions of this trailer were also in the break between Acts 2 & 3.
Act 1 (Teaser) 0:00:00 0:06:16 Xena visits the temple, the fight outside, an encounter with the Fates, meeting Lyceus.
Opening Titles 0:06:16 0:01:00 as usual.
Act 2 0:07:16 0:10:33 The flogging of a slave, Xena goes home, meeting Mathias, visiting mother's tomb, fracas at the shop.
Act 3 0:17:49 0:07:32 Xena and the slave driver, a talk from Mathias, Gabrielle serves the warlords, Xena gets dinner and then visits Mezentius's castle.
Act 4 0:25:21 0:07:43 Xena finds Gabrielle, Mathias asks Where Is Xena?, Xena takes a long flight out of the kitchen, waiting for Mathias.
Act 5 0:33:04 0:09:13 In the dungeon, following Lyceus to the dining hall of the warlords, things put back the way they were.
Next Week Trailer -:--:-- 0:00:30 Trailer for "Giant Killer"
Closing Titles 0:42:17 0:01:00 Standard season two shrunk titles with montage.
End - Total Time 0:43:17 -:--:--

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25th February 1997