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Return of Callisto

Satellite Uplink to TV stations performed 9th March 1997 (repeat) on G4/18 at 8:44am EST of the syndication master prepared on 22nd October 1996.

Total Running Time (edited): 44 minutes 20 seconds

Guest Stars Co-stars Production Credits
Callisto Hudson Leick Theodorus David Te Rare Writer R J Stewart
Joxer Ted Raimi First Guard Alex Moffat Director T J Scott
Perdicus Scott Garrison Second Guard David Scordeno
Half Starved Man Lance Cheshire
Kid #1 Puck Willis
Village Priest Frederick Bedford

Scene Start Duration Action
Action Pack Logo -:--:-- 0:00:10
This Episode trailer -:--:-- 0:00:30 The :30/:15/:10 second versions of this trailer were also in the break between Acts 2 & 3.
Act 1 (Teaser) 0:00:00 0:04:57 Time to eat pigs, this one is the worst, You Loose!, let them all out Theodorus.
Opening Titles 0:04:58 0:01:00 as usual.
Act 2 0:05:58 0:09:00 Not the brightest way to visit us, a talk with Perdicus, Joxer is told to take a message, Callisto sacks a village.
Act 3 0:14:58 0:07:13 The marriage, this is not goodbye (the kiss), the night at the inn, interogating Theodorus, meeting Callisto in the marshes.
Act 4 0:22:11 0:08:57 The funeral pyre for Perdicus, teach me Xena, Callisto's party, Xena's prayer, Gabrielle leaves, Callisto gets a visitor.
Act 5 0:31:08 0:12:07 Moment of Truth for Gabrielle, I need an audience who will truely appreciate it, Joxer to the rescue, The Duel, how good are you at chariots Xena?, we can spent eternity in Tartarus together, Xena - help me!, how bad is it?.
Dedication 0:43:15 0:00:05 This episode is dedicated to the memory of Michelle Calvert...
we're thinking of you.
Next Week Trailer -:--:-- 0:00:30 Trailer for "Intimate Stranger"
Closing Titles 0:43:20 0:01:00 Standard season two shrunk titles with montage.
End - Total Time 0:44:20 -:--:--

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25th March 1997