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A Necessary Evil

Satellite Uplink to TV stations performed 10th February 1997 on G4/18 at 10:14am EST of the syndication master prepared on 5th February 1997.

Total Running Time (edited): 44 minutes 18 seconds

Guest Stars Co-stars Production Credits
Velasca Melinda Clarke Ephiny Danielle Cormack Writer Paul Robert Coyle
Callisto Hudson Leick Solari Jodie Dorday Director Mark Beesley
Guard #1 Mark Wibley

Scene Start Duration Action
Action Pack Logo -:--:-- 0:00:10
This Episode trailer -:--:-- 0:00:30 The :30/:15/:10 second versions of this trailer were also in the break between Acts 2 & 3.
Act 1 (Teaser) 0:00:00 0:05:31 Amazon Coronation and Velasca becomes a god.
Opening Titles 0:05:32 0:01:00 as usual.
Act 2 0:06:32 0:09:00 Delaying Velasca and a meeting with Callisto.
Act 3 0:15:32 0:09:02 Xena's confession, Velasca visits the temple of Artemis and choosing a place to meet Velasca.
Act 4 0:24:34 0:10:26 Callisto switches sides, Velasca is trapped, truth or dare, the whirlwind and the bait.
Act 5 0:35:00 0:08:18 Xena saves Gabrielle from the whirlwind, the meeting at the bridge, Callisto becomes a god and Xena goes bungy jumping.
Next Week Trailer -:--:-- 0:00:30 Trailer for "A Day In The Life"
Closing Titles 0:43:18 0:01:00 Standard season two shrunk titles with montage.
End - Total Time 0:44:18 -:--:--

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25th February 1997