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A Day In The Life

Satellite Uplink to TV stations performed 17th February 1997 on G4/18 at 10:14am EST of the syndication master prepared on 12th February 1997.

Total Running Time (edited): 44 minutes 22 seconds

Guest Stars Co-stars Production Credits
Hawer Murray Keane Zagreas Willy de Wit Writer R.J. Stewart
Minya Alison Wall Largo Tony Billy Director Michael Hurst
Gareth Jim Ngaata

Scene Start Duration Action
Action Pack Logo -:--:-- 0:00:10
This Episode trailer -:--:-- 0:00:30 The :30/:15/:10 second versions of this trailer were also in the break between Acts 2 & 3.
Act 1 (Teaser) 0:00:00 0:05:23 "Waking Up", "Finding Your Way", "Making A Decision".
Opening Titles 0:05:23 0:01:00 as usual.
Act 2 0:06:24 0:08:25 "Travelling", fishing - Xena style, please deliver a message, "A Call from Nature", "Giving Directions".
Act 3 0:14:51 0:11:40 Arriving at the village, Xena and Gabrielle take a bath, "Practice makes perfect", roadkill.
Act 4 0:26:31 0:08:11 The giant is Gareth!, "Trial and Error" or Xena flies a kite, a talk with Hawer, stomping an army.
Act 5 0:34:42 0:08:40 "Waiting for Gareth", its a hard life being a warlord, Minya strikes back, Xena climbs a tree and taunts a giant, "Going to Bed".
Next Week Trailer -:--:-- 0:00:30 Trailer for "For Him The Bells Tolls"
Closing Titles 0:43:22 0:01:00 Standard season two shrunk titles with montage.
End - Total Time 0:44:22 -:--:--

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24th February 1997