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The Furies

Satellite Uplink to TV stations performed 28th September 1997 on G4/18 at 8:44am EDT of the syndication master prepared on 18th September 1997.

Total Running Time (edited): 43 minutes 15 seconds

The show was rated TV-PG(v).

This episode was actually produced as part of the second season production batch but was held over and shown as the openner of the third season. It was intended to be the season finale, but a decision by MCA/Universal to reduce the first run episodes shown each year to 22 (from 24) resulted in it being held over.

Guest Stars Co-Stars Production Credits
Ares Kevin Smith Alecto Asa Lindh Writer R. J. Stewart
Cyrene Darien Tackle Megacco Graciela Heredia Director Gilbert Shilton
Thyd Celi Joncisca
Rufusus Gordon Hayfield
Lysis Craig Walsh-Wrightson
Keeper Reuben Purchase
Orestes Steve Jarac-Ciprian

Scene Start Duration Action
Action Pack Logo -:--:-- 0:00:10
This Episode trailer -:--:-- 0:00:30 The :30/:15/:10 second versions of this trailer were also in the break between Acts 2 & 3.
Act 1 (Teaser) 0:00:00 0:06:26 The Furies dance before Ares, Alecto pays special attention to Ares, The Judgement, Guilty of all charges, Persecution and madness, Xena and Gabrielle talk about a bet, the race, meeting a gang of bounty hunters, The Furies carry out their judgement and make Xena mad, creative fighting for lunatics, the smell of warrior sweat in the morning.
Opening Titles 0:06:26 0:01:00 as usual.
Act 2 0:07:26 0:06:24 Xena starts juggling, Xena calls Gabrielle "Mavis", Xena jumps onto Argo facing backwards, The Pinch, Xena and Gabrielle argue about what to do next, Xena with flowers in her hair, waking in the night - Xena's gone, Xena talks of retribution in front of a village while naked, visit to the temple of the Furies, failure to avenge the death of a family member - your father.
Act 3 0:13:50 0:06:04 My father?, Xena runes away, torment in the woods, fighting a ghostly dryad, Callisto or is it?, Gabrielle gets tied up, rematch with the bounty hunters, arriving at mother's inn, Gabrielle arrives too, what happened to Orestes, I killed Xena's father.
Act 4 0:19:54 0:12:01 Gabrielle hears about how it happened, her father wanted to sacrifice her to the god of war, Gabrielle looks for a way out, reassuring Xena before she goes, Xena has a choice to make, the lunatic with lethal combat skills, Xena goes to the cliff edge, Ares appears, life isn't worth living, Ares gives Xena back her weapons, how will they know, in front of the Furies, collecting mother, your father was away at war - suddenly he returned, Gabrielle finds Orestes, it's all a lie - there was no way out, Xena's mother on the altar, Ares summons the Furies, Xena raises the dagger.
Act 5 0:31:55 0:10:20 Gabrielle stops Xena, Ares explains why, You are my father, The legend says Ares takes the form of his soldiers, mother?, Xena's theory on how it all happened, I can prove it - we fight - if I'm mortal surely the god of war can beat me, the fight on the standards, using Gabrielle as a shield, I win - I think I've proved my point, The curse is lifted, Ares applauds her, I still don't get what you see in her (Gabrielle), Gabrielle brings wood for the fire, I'm not sure I like being that predictable, Cyrene and Xena talk, I kept hoping I'd run into him, Xena reassures her mother.
Special Appeal -:--:-- 0:00:30 Lucy Lawless does a piece to camera about the Domestic Violence helpline and urges people with such problems to call.
Closing Titles 0:42:15 0:01:00 Standard season three shrunk titles with montage (same as season two)
End - Total Time 0:43:15 -:--:--

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