Xena Warrior Princess

Season Six Episode List


Coming Home

Ares is attacking the Amazons and Xena tries to stop him while Eve's past catches up with her.
Episode: 6.1, US airdate: 1 Oct 00.
Guest Stars: Kevin Smith (Ares), Tsianna Joelson (Varia), Adrienne Wilkinson (Eve)

The Haunting of Amphipolis

Xena returns home to find things very different from how she remembered them.
Episode: 6.2, US airdate: 8 Oct 00.
Guest Stars: Darien Tackle (Cyrene), Adrienne Wilkinson (Eve)

Heart Of Darkness

Episode: 6.3, US airdate: 15 Oct 00.
Guest Stars: Charles Meisure (Michael), Adrienne Wilkinson (Eve), William Gregory Lee (Virgil)

Who's Gurkan?

Episode: 6.4, US airdate: 23 Oct 00.
Guest Stars: Adrienne Wilkinson (Eve), William Gregory Lee (Virgil)
Director: Michael Hurst


Episode: 6.5, US airdate: 29 Oct 00.
Guest Stars: Alison Bruce (?)

The Abyss

Episode: 6.6, US airdate: 5 Nov 00.
Guest Stars: William Gregory Lee (Virgil)

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