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David Salzman is executive producer of In the House, a comedy series produced by Quincy Jones/David Salzman Entertainment in association with NBC Studios for broadcast on UPN.

A 30-year veteran of the entertainment and communications industries, David Salzman three years ago merged his company with that of Quincy Jones, creating QDE, Quincy Jones/David Salzman Entertainment. QDE's broad ranging, multi-media activities include theatrical motion pictures; network, cable and syndicated television; magazine publishing; live entertainment; direct response television stations and interactive content for the newest technological platforms.

During his illustrious career, Salzman has earned a reputation for creativity and leadership in a broad spectrum of areas. As a broadcaster, he helped put 10 television stations on the air and ran a station group. As a newsman, he introduced general groundbreaking news innovations and NIWS, the influential national news service which supplied award-winning reports to 165 U.S. stations and 75 foreign countries.

As a producer, he has created, developed and/or overseen more than 200 television series, specials, movies and miniseries. As an entrepreneur, he has launched four successful companies and two magazines.

Of all these pursuits, Salzman derives the most pleasure from producing live events. Along with partner Quincy Jones, he produced the acclaimed 1993 "People's Celebration" done live at the Lincoln Memorial as President Clinton's first official inaugural event and featuring 650 performers before an in-person audience of 500,000 and more than 40 million worldwide. Salzman also produced the epic 1995 "Concerts of the Americas" in Miami as part of the Hemispheric Summit. This year, he also produced the Academy Awards broadcast, hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, which garnered great critical reviews and seven Emmy Award nominations.

A graduate of Brooklyn College with a master's degree in mass communications from Wayne State University, Salzman serves on the boards of Emory University's Business School and Center for Leadership, the Brooklyn College Foundation, Premiere Radio, 7th Level and Cities in Schools.

In the House is taped before a studio audience in Hollywood, California and is a production of Quincy Jones/David Salzman Entertainment in association with NBC Studios for broadcast on UPN.


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