UPN - In The House

Production Information

Airday and Time: Mondays, 8:00-8:30 p.m. (ET/PT) on UPN
Premiere: August 26, 1996
Format: In this half-hour comedy series, Grammy Award-winning
rap artist LL Cool J stars as Marion Hill, a former
pro-football player who buys the sports clinic where he had
been treated for his now-permanent, career-ending injury.
While he's dealing with the new business, complete with
financial problems and in-fighting colleagues, he has his
hands just as full on the homefront, where he has taken
on responsibility for his former tenant Jackie's teenage
daugher, Tiffany.
Starring: LL Cool J as Marion Hill
Alfonso Ribeiro as Dr. Maxwell Stanton
Kim Wayans as Tonia
Maia Campbell as Tiffany Warren
Executive Producers: Quincy Jones and David Salzman
Executive Producers: Bob Burris and Michael Ware
Co-Executive Producer: Rob Edwards
Producion Company: Quincy Jones/David Salzman Entertairunent in
association with NBC Studios.

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