***Awards Kick-Off UPN's Third Night Of Programming***

LOS ANGELES, November 30, 1995 . . . UPN and Blockbuster Entertainment have teamed to present the second annual "BLOCKBUSTER ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS," a two-hour star-studded entertainment special honoring the American public's favorite stars of motion pictures, home videos and music, it was jointly announced today by Michael Sullivan, president of entertainment, UPN, and Brian Woods, vice president of marketing, Blockbuster Entertainment and co-producer of the Awards show.

For the first time, the Awards show will be broadcast live from the Pantages Theater in Hollywood, the site of last year's show, on Wednesday, March 6, 1996 (8:00 - 10:00 P.M. ET). The telecast will again be produced by a team led by veteran television producer Ken Ehrlich (Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards and VH-1 Honors). In another first, the Awards special willl mark UPN's expansion into a third night of primetime programnung.

"We are thrilled to be broadcasting this year's `Blockbuster Entertainment Awards'," commented Sullivan, "and we're looking forward to building upon its tremendously successful inaugural outing. We can think of no better way to launch our new Wednesday night programming than by showcasing this exciting, star-studded Awards presentation."

The "Blockbuster Entertainment Awards" salute the outstanding performers in theatrical film, home video and music. Winners will be determined by in-store voting at all participating Blockbuster Video and Blockbuster Music locations; votes for theatrical and home video nominees may be cast at Blockbuster Video and votes for music nominations may be cast at Blockbuster Music. Voting kiosks will be available in-store from December 29, 1995 to January 12, 1996. Last year, consumers cast 1.5 million votes, making the "Blockbuster Entertainment Awards" the largest publicly voted entertainment awards ever. Award categories and nominees will be announced by mid-December.

Celebrity hosts and presenters will be also be announced shortly. Last year's inaugural event was hosted by William Baldwin and Cindy Crawford and featured such stars and performers as Bryan Adams, Tim Allen, Antonio Banderas, Angela Bassett, Clint Black, Sandra Bullock, Jim Carrey, Whoopi Goldberg, Melanie Griffith, Patti LaBelle, Reba McEntire, Demi Moore, Kurt Russell, Meg Ryan and Sylvester Stallone.

"The `Blockbuster Entertainment Awards' proved to be a tremendous success in its first year," said Woods. "The fact that a million-and-a-half consumers took part in last year's voting and another 10 million watched the awards show itself indicates that Blockbuster Entertainment is extremely well positioned to gauge America's popular entertainment tastes."

We're also very much looking forward to appearing on UPN this year," Woods added. "Like the `Blockbuster Entertainment Awards', UPN made an auspicious entertainment-world debut in 1995, and we're proud to be part of their expanding programming. As a member of the Viacom family, its gratifying to be able to work closely with an organization like UPN."

Blockbuster Entertainment Group, composed of Blockbuster Video, Blockbuster Music, Spelling Entertainment, Discovery Zone Fun Centers, Showtime Networks Inc. and Paramount Parks, is a unit of Viacom Inc.

Viacom is one of the world's largest entertainment and publishing companies and a leading force in nearly every segment of the international media marketplace. The operations of Viacom also include MTV Networks, Paramount Pictures, Paramount Television, Simon & Schuster and Viacom Interactive Media, as well as radio and television stations and movie screens in 11 countries.

UPN, which premiered on Monday, January 16, 1995, currently offers two nights of original primetime programming Monday and Tuesday evenings (8:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT). Beginning with this Awards presentation in March 1996, a third night of programming will be added on Wednesdays. In addition, UPN broadcasts a two-hour weekend movie Saturday afternoons and an hour of children's programming Sunday mornings, which will expand to two hours in the Fall of 1996.

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